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🛠️ Features

  • 100% Merino wool hat
  • Stretch ribbed knit
  • One size fits all

Made in the home of the UK textile industry, Manchester, our knitted beanies are made from 100% Merino knit wool and with a stretchy ribbed (for your pleasure) construction meaning it's a true one size fits all.

Far from just a bobble hat with the bobble chopped off, we've completely redesigned the shape to look better as just a beanie. They now have to be hand-shaped and hand-sewn as a result, but you're worth it!

Merino is nature’s high-performance fabric; a fully renewable fibre that feels great (and itch-free) against your skin. Merino fibres are so fine they trap tiny pockets of air that keep you warm.

Merino regulates your temperature by moving heat and sweat away from your head so you don’t get clammy or overheat. It’s also antimicrobial, antibacterial and stink-free, naturally.

Our bobbles and beanies are all made from 'five-gauge' knit which is a finer knit than most people use but, since there are many more threads packed into the hat you get a much warmer, higher quality hat as a result.

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