Making the Fastest CO2 Tyre Inflator

We’ve designed our Holeshot CO2 Tyre Inflator Kit to be the fastest and simplest ‘blow and go’ puncture fixing system. That’s because like you, we’ve wasted enough riding time hand jobbing pocket sized hand pumps, accidentally snapping off valves in the process or fighting with slow, icy inflators that properly take the hiss before we can get going again!

What is a CO2 Inflator and why are they a ‘must have’ bit of kit?

CO2 inflators are a super compact and powerful hand pump alternative which use cartridges of compressed carbon dioxide. When released into the tyre through the valve it can blow your tyre up super fast. Perfect if you’re in a hurry or the tyre has lost its tubeless seal because a hand pump won’t get it locked back on.

CO2 inflators are perfect for race situations where there’s no time for hand pumps. Many Enduro World Series riders carry CO2 inflators as some Enduro stages can be over 10 minutes long. If you burp air out of a tyre at the start of a run, or have a massive puncture which needs to be plugged with a tubeless tyre plug then a CO2 inflator can get you back up and running at race speed the fastest.

Hand pumps are not only notoriously slow and tiring to use but they can also put a lot of stress on your tubeless valves. This is because hand pumps always come out from the side of the wheel and you pump pushing and pulling away from the valve. This repetitive pushing and pulling motion can easily flex the valve forwards and backwards (usually you don’t even realise you’re doing it) causing fatigue in the metal and can eventually cause a crack and ultimately failure.

What is the Peaty’s Holeshot tubeless tyre inflator?

Our pro proven Tubeless Sealant can fix most punctures straight away, and with our new Holeshot Tubeless Plugger Tool you can fill even the biggest gash in seconds. But sometimes you still need help getting hard again.

Hand pumps are awkward to carry, slow to use and can easily damage valves, whilst most CO2 tyre inflators are an awkward, icy, leaky pain in the palm. That’s why completing our tubeless tool line up with a properly levelled up ‘flat to gas’ Holeshot tubeless tyre inflator kit seemed like an obvious move! So, as always, we started from scratch and created something unique and simply awesome.

Not only does using an inline design make our Holeshot tubeless tyre inflator look sick and take up minimal space it also guarantees the fastest straight through flow. That’s really important when you’re dealing with 870psi of pressurised liquid CO2 that can freeze anything that slows its flow down. So yeah, if you’re wondering why there are no right angles or valve dials on our Holeshot it’s because we iced them before they iced you at the worst possible moment.

The inline design (rather than a 90 degree bent design which most CO2 inflators use) meant we also got to use our favourite source of inspiration to create the most intuitive, reliable release valve around. Yep, in case you hadn’t realised already we based our Holeshot tubeless tyre inflator ‘push to fill’ design on the whisky optics behind the bar at the pub and it works even better than we could have hoped.

Put the valve at the top for a ‘single shot’ and the gas blasts any sealant residue or other blockages out of the way before filling the tyre. Put the valve at the bottom for a ‘double shot’ though and that’s when the Holeshot tubeless tyre inflator really races ahead. That’s because the gas pushes the liquid CO2 through into the tyre first where it can expand far faster and more efficiently. In testing that meant it was blasting a totally flat (and popped off the bead) 2.4” / 29er tyre to 34psi in just a few seconds, not the minute or more most inflators take. It properly empties the cartridge too so there’s no wastage, although the stiff spring and double O ring seals mean our inflator is fine to carry even when half full.

Pushing the inflator on straight - rather than at a 90 degree angle - means way less danger of bending or snapping off a valve core and totally blowing your chances of getting going again. Because not everyone uses top quality 7075 alloy for their valves like our lifetime warrantied Peaty’s Tubeless Valves ones.

And if you’re smart enough to have our valves already then you’ll love the fact we’ve anodised our inflator in the same range of awesome Chris King colours as the rest of our tubeless tool range.

Oh, and you won’t find any plastic in our Holeshot Tubeless Tyre Inflator design or our packaging either because it ruins reliability, and the planet. And the only rubber we use is in our high quality temperature-resistant seals and our unique thick silicon, closed base Freeze Protector sleeve. Because, while our Holeshot Tubeless Tyre Inflator guarantees you’ll be totally chilled when it comes to inflating your tyres, it wouldn’t be cool to ice your fingers in the process!

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