1. Fully degrease & dry parts to be greased.
  2. For removal of waterproof bearing greases use our XXX Solvent Degreaser.
  3. Apply grease using a gloved finger, M15 threaded grease gun or paintbrush.
  4. Reassemble parts and wipe away any excess grease with a clean cloth.


Peaty’s Bicycle Assembly Grease is compatible with all oils of a mineral or synthetic nature except for pag (polyalkylene glycol) based products.


The number one requirement for a grease is that it lubricates really well.

In order for it to lubricate really well, a good grease needs molecules which flow over each other easily (less drag) and coat the metal surface thoroughly and evenly, to prevent metal on metal contact (which results in parts wearing out).

In nerd talk, our base oils have been formulated using synthetic esters with a marked polarity.

Ok... who’s ester and why is she in your oil?!

Ester isn’t a woman, it’s a variant of synthetic oil! Esters are more expensive than straight synthetic oils because the ingredients all have to be collected from natural sources and then synthesised in much smaller quantities than regular synthetic oil.

The number one reason to use ester oil is how well it bonds to surfaces. Ester oil has an electrochemical bond because the ester molecule is polar, sort of like a fridge magnet. It is attracted to metal and sticks like peaty’s hand to a fresh cool pint of yorkshire ale.

Also, because of this electrochemical charge, the grease naturally distributes itself evenly over a surface since each molecule will repel away from each other - like trying to push two positive ends of a magnet together.

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