No sealant can heal every hole and black glitter might still cause grumbles, but Peaty’s new Holeshot Biofibre Tubeless Sealant is the best all-round puncture stopping mix we’ve used. - Read More

It might be a simple tubeless valve, but Peaty's has gone the extra mile with its new mk2 design, adding two useful tools to a must-have component. - Read More

While you could probably find a cheaper, plasticky inflator if you wanted, when you’re dealing with 870psi of compressed carbon dioxide, the sturdy all-metal finish of the Holeshot is definitely reassuring. - Read More

Peaty’s have properly changed the game for conventional tire plugging, with this uniquely simple but super effective and sweetly engineered plug tool. - Read More

This AW Link Lube works exactly as advertised, combining the best of both lubrication worlds by staying on for ages in the worst slop (to the extent it can even keep a mud-blasted e-bike running and jam-free), whilst simultaneously not attracting masses of dirt and gunk on sprockets and jockey wheels like most other wet lubes. And I’m not alone in my appraisal; plenty of my (high- mileage) riding mates share a similar opinion. - Read More

During the hot spell when we tested it, this only took a matter of minutes. We found that one application easily lasted a couple of dry and dusty rides of a decent length. There’s no gunk build-up (just stay on top of drivetrain cleaning) and it’s decent value.

There’s still clearly plenty of wax in the mix, as it gives an impressively quiet ‘new transmission’ feel even when you’re properly grinding through sticky slop. Increased wax content over Peaty’s Link Lube All Weather means it shrugs off puddles, rain, stream crossings, etc. for as long as you’re happy to fight the conditions. It can even handle the extra torque of an e-bike without squealing or chattering well into the second battery even on ‘wet enough for a waterproof onesie’ sessions. - Read More

An outstanding super-clean, smooth mix

Peaty’s Premium is an excellent chain cleaning, drivetrain smoothing, and efficiency/longevity boosting lube. - Read More


Peaty’s has obviously spent a long time using and refining its brushes before finalizing on a set of scrubbers that really work. While they’re much more expensive than the various generic plastic sets available, they feel a lot nicer and more solid to use, and are proving really durable too. Not worrying about hard handles slamming into or rubbing against precious paint and dodging accidental knuckling and face spray moments makes cleaning much less stressful, faster and more effective too. - Read More

Well thought out and executed, the Peaty’s Holdfast Tool Wrap is one of the best solutions I’ve yet to come across for versatile tool and essential spares storage. - Read More

Peaty's paste has a gel-like consistency that makes it easy to apply, with less waste than some runnier compounds I've used. This is made from natural oils (petroleum-based ones are common in carbon paste), which we are assured are all non-toxic and readily biodegradable. - Read More

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