What Bike Grease Do I Need?

How can you fix slow spinning wheels? Sticky forks? Creaky bottom brackets? Rough, grinding bearings? Slipping seat posts and handlebars?

Peaty’s four unique grease formulations cover everything from maximising speed and suspension smoothness to lasting lubrication, easy installation and carbon component security. Yes they’ve been developed on the most advanced World Cup racing bikes but they’ll still work a treat on your weekend warrior mountain bike, gravel bike, road bike or even round town bike too.

But which Peaty’s grease should you use when and why are they each so special?

Ultimate all rounder

Peaty’s Bicycle Assembly Grease is the go to answer for lubrication, installation and corrosion proofing on all parts of your bike such as bottom brackets, pedals, headsets, axles and bolts anywhere on the bike.

That’s because our Bicycle Assembly Grease uses a premium synthetic ester oil, derived from all natural sources. That’s a slow and expensive process but the result is a grease that sticks electrochemically onto metal bearing surfaces like a magnet. The polarity of each ester molecule - yes that’s how geeky we go with our grease - keeps them equally spaced at a microscopic level too. This guarantees a consistently super slick coating across any bearing or surface.

The unique mix of lubricant additives keeps friction to a minimum without compromising tenacious resistance to contamination, weather or corrosion even under extreme pressures or temperatures.

It’s totally safe to use on carbon components, readily biodegradable and comes in 100ml or 400ml tubes made from 100% post consumer recycled material. We threaded the tube to work with most grease guns but the easy squeeze makes it easy to apply accurately direct too.

It’s still priced to be extremely good value despite the premium ingredients and of course it extends the lifespan of every component you use it on too. That makes it a smart spending double win especially for hard working bikes in the worst conditions.

Feed your speed

Steve’s been a downhill World Champion and he still works with the best racers in the world so he knows how important it is to get maximum speed from every part of a bike. That’s why Peaty’s Speed Grease is the ultimate go-faster upgrade for your wheel, bottom bracket and jockey wheel/pulley bearings.

Designed for professional race mechanics, the unique additive and base oil mix minimises friction to make it 2.5 times easier spinning than the average factory bearing grease. The synthetic ester oil base is brewed from natural sources which makes it expensive but gives it unique magnetic ‘cling’ and consistent molecular spacing on all bearing surfaces. As a result it still lasts and lubricates in all weathers or between washes too, making it perfect for any situation where wasting watts means losing races.

It comes in easy application, 100% post consumer recycled material tubes in 100g or 400g sizes. Despite the premium ingredients it’s awesome value too, which leaves you plenty left for entry fees and the new cupboard you’ll need for all your trophies.

Smoother suspension is faster suspension

We co-developed our Suspension Assembly Grease with some of the best suspension servicing and tuning techs in the world. Experts who know just how important grease can be to reducing stiction and speeding up reaction times for consistently plush, smooth control however hard you ride.

Suspension grease is a totally different product to standard mixtures and operates in a very different environment too. Controlled shear thinning means friction and heat won’t change the viscosity of the lithium free formulation of our Suspension Assembly Grease. That helps to make every ride a flawless flow fest even on the longest descents and most demanding trails. Because it’s unaffected by heat and movement it stays where it’s supposed to (the grease geeks call it ‘non migratory’) so delicate components are protected and service intervals are extended.

Transparent formulation also makes it easy to work with on complicated components like suspension forks, rear shocks and seat posts. We’ve also included corrosion inhibitors to protect the internals and it won’t damage elastomers, O rings, seals, bottom out bumpers or bladders. It’s not affected by oils or other suspension fluids either so your suspension will work better than ever, for longer than before.

It’s non toxic as well and it’s as safe as possible for the environment without compromising performance. The grease gun compatible 75g tube makes accurate application easy and it’s 100% PCR and PIR recycled too.

Grease that isn’t slippery? WTF?

Peaty’s Max Grip Carbon Assembly Paste looks like a grease and comes in the same sort of 100% PCR and PIR recycled tube as our other greases, but don’t get them mixed up!

While our Peaty’s Assembly, Speed and Suspension greases are designed to minimise friction for the slipperiest performance, Max Grip is designed to lock carbon fibre seat posts and handlebars in place like a vice. By reducing the clamping pressures you need it’s much safer for ultralight carbon fibre components or ultra high load situations like bar clamps for DH.

Peaty’s Max Grip Carbon Assembly Paste does this by blending 100% renewable natural oils with ultra fine pumice stone particles to provide unshakeable micro friction. It still moves smoothly for super accurate and easy adjustment when needed though and it stops the nightmare of a seat post seizing into your frame.

The non toxic recipe is also resistant to cleaning detergents or water washout, staying put so your components do too. It’s still readily biodegradable so you’re not polluting the environment either.

Getting grease gone

When your Peaty’s grease finally gets dirty and compromised and needs refreshing it’s time to carefully pop your seals and use our XXX Solvent Degreaser spray to clean your bearings out. Then rinse with clean water, dry them thoroughly and refresh with the right grease for each part of your bike. And if you still don’t know which that is despite reading this blog then don’t hesitate to ask your local Peaty’s dealer or get in touch directly for some expert advice.

Bike Grease University

Want to learn more about bike grease? Click the video below to let Anna from GMBN Tech explain the in's and out's of greasing up your stead.

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