Why not microfibre? ♻️

Microfibre cloths are made of plastic fibres derived from crude oil or natural gas. When washed, microfibre fabric can leak tens of thousands (even millions) of tiny microplastics into the washing machine water; this water inevitably makes its way into local waterways. In the environment, these microplastics can harm animals, cause pollution, and leach out dangerous chemicals.


All our cardboard is uncoated (no glossy polymer coatings here) and made from a minimum of 70% recycled material. Some virgin material is always required to give the papers the strength. Our packaging company is FSC certified which means all the virgin materials are sourced from sustainable and managed forests. We use single black print to make recycling as easy as possible once disposed of.

Care Instructions 🧺

Caring for your bamboo is very important to achieve the long life expectancy that these products can offer.

  • Use a non-biological detergent that does not contain optical brighteners, bleaching agents or enzymes.
  • Do not use fabric conditioner. There is no need and it can reduce the absorbency.
  • Cold or cool wash on a gentle cycle.
  • If washed at high temperatures shrinkage will occur.
  • With modern detergents there is no need to wash at high temperatures, and cool washing saves energy, and money.
  • Do not soak.
  • Do not use bleach – it is harmful to the environment too.
  • Line dry.
  • Can be tumble dried or ironed but only on a cool setting.
  • If excessive heat during washing or tumble drying is used excessive ‘pilling’ may occur.

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