​🎉Ain't no party like a tubeless setup party!

Get your helmet and gloves ready, we're going to get you setup tubeless quick sharp, pro-style.

there's loads of ways to set up tubeless, many of them are messy, full of pitfalls and highly stressful! We want you to have the quickest and easiest setup possible so you can get out and ride ASAP!

Let's go...

  1. Remove tyre and any old rim tape

  2. Clean and degrease rim thoroughly, ensuring rim is completely dry before application

  3. Starting two spokes behind the valve hole, press tape firmly into the centre of the rim and smooth out to the edges, removing any trapped air.

  4. Run tape around the rim while keeping tape tension, finishing two spoke holes beyond the valve hole

  5. Check for any trapped air underneath the rim tape - push air bubbles out to a spoke hole to remove

  6. Cover the end of the tape with a strip of the finishing tape provided to prevent peel back

  7. Use a small spike to pierce the tape in the centre of the valve hole

  8. Remove dust cap, lock ring and o-ring then push valve stem through the valve hole

  9. Re-apply the o-ring and apply lock ring tightly by hand, ensuring there are no air gaps

  10. Refit tyre, add peaty’s tubeless sealant

  11. Inflate tyre to desired pressure

  12. RIDE!

📝 Step 2. Tubeless Valves

  1. Remove valve cap, o-ring and lock nut

  2. Insert valve through valve hole in rim

  3. Push the o-ring onto valve stem

  4. Thread the lock nut onto valve stem

  5. Hand tighten lock nut until firm

📝 Step 3. Tubeless Sealant


    1. Shake the bottle vigorously before every use to ensure an even distribution of fibres and particles.

    2. Rinse away any old sealant from the tyre and dry off completely. For brand new tyres degrease, rinse and dry the internal carcass to remove factory mold release agents and other contaminants.

    3. Seat your tyre onto the rim and inflate initially with no sealant, using a track pump, inflator or compressor to pop the tyre bead fully onto the rim.

    4. Deflate the tyre and, with the valve at the three o’clock position, use the flexible injector pipe provided to inject the desired amount of sealant directly through the de-cored valve.

    5. Re-insert the valve core and re-inflate the tyre to desired pressure.

    6. Distribute the sealant around inside the tyre by spinning the wheel and tapping the tyre on the floor.

    7. Listen for any air leaks and orientate the wheel so that the sealant flows around the inside of the tyre to the area required. Continue doing this until you can’t hear any more air loss †

    8. Wash away any excess sealant that may have found its way to the outside of the tyre or rim with water.

    9. Check tyre pressures and ride!

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