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What width tape should I get?

Either look at the wheel spec to get the internal rim diamiter or measure the width with one of those measuring stick things. Your tape needs to sit snugly in the rim and cover the spoke and valve holes but not impede the edge of the rim whalls where the tyre bead will need to sit.

Do you do any other colours of tape?

Stop being a pansy and go ride your bike!

How many wheels can I tape with a single roll of tape?

5 x 26”

4 x 27.5”

4 x 29”

How do I install the tape?

Let the big man tell you how to do tubeless like a boss -


What happens if I snap a valve?

Get in touch with us through our valve warranty page and we will replace it with a new one free of charge providing you can provide a proof of purchase. We got your back!

What if I loose one of the valve core remover caps?

Well you should have tightened it up properly then you jessy! That will learn ya. At least our smoked black valve cores look cool so you can still shred with confidence.

What length valves do you do?

42mm and 60mm

How do I install my valves?

Do you really have to ask?! Ok ok the big man will show you how -


How do I seal my tyre?

Let the big man himself explain how

Peaty's top sealing tips:

Make sure you thoroughly clean the inside of your tyres of any dirt, oil and other sealants before you first setup tubeless. New tyres are often coated on the inside with a residual chemicals from the manufacturing process (specifically mould release agents) which can react with tubeless sealant and cause it to solidify prematurely.

Let the tyre dry fully after cleaning and wipe the tyre with Isopropyl Alcohol or our Disc Brake Cleaner before applying tubeless sealant.

Tubeless tyres rely on a thin lining of butyl rubber on the inside of the tyre to hold air and sealant. Some new tyres (especially very thin / lightweight tyres) can have tiny imperfections in this lining making the tyre slightly porous making it normal for new tyres to deflate slightly after the first installation. Simply re-inflate to your desired pressures and go for a good ride to properly distribute the sealant around the inside of the tyre.

Porous tyres may also absorb some sealant within the first few riding hours to help seal these tiny holes. In severe cases you may even see this small dots of white fluid coming out of the sidewall of your tyre. This is fairly normal and should seal within 24hrs but if your tyre continually leaks out of the sidewalls then contact your tyre manufacturer as there may be a larger fault with the tyres construction.

It is best to check your sealant levels after two weeks of application and top-up any lost fluid if required.


How much sealant should I use?

This really is down to your personal preference, depending on the level of puncture protection you would like vs weight.

Recommended minimum quantities per tyre*:

- Road 30-45ml

- Cyclo cross 60-75ml

- 26" MTB - 60-80ml

- 27.5 MTB - 70-90ml

- 29" MTB 100-120ml

*Add up to 30ml more sealant for wider rim / tyre combinations


Why isn't the packaging biodegradable?

We're always investigating ways to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging and our ultimate aim is to be eventually 100% biodegradable.

Until then, you can reduce waste by re-filling trail pouches directly from the workshop bottle, just make sure the pouch has been rinsed of any old sealant beforehand.


What temperatures can I use the sealant in?

Peaty's Tubeless Sealant has been tested From -20 degrees C to +50 degrees C.


What if I get it on my kit?

If you accidentally get the sparkly sealant on your clothes, it should be wiped off immediately with water or a wet cloth. If some residue remains, soak and wash the clothing before the sealant dries.


Safety First

Avoid contact with the eyes; avoid prolonged skin contact with the sticky viscous layer inside the tyre; and, do not drink the product.

Peaty's Tubeless Sealant can be removed from the skin with soaps and industrial hand cleaners. If it gets into an eye, wash with copious amounts of clean water and seek medical advice immediately if you're concerned.


My bike is really dirty! Will this still work?

Yeah sure, just spray on and leave for a few minutes then rinse off. Give a quick once over with a brush if there is any really stubborn dirt

How does this sprayer work?

There are two settings to your Loam Foam Spray head. Flip the cap open to activate the spray mode for general coverage. Close the cap for foaming spray mode to get in those hard to reach areas and really lift the dirt.

Can I spray it on my brakes and pads?

Yeah, crack on! Just rinse off properly as per the instructions on the bottle.

LoamFoam Concentrate

Loam Foam Concentrate

How do I make up a bottle of Loam Foam?

Are you serious? Its so on the bottle you have right there! Just pop 200ml Loam Foam Concentrate in a one litre Loam Foam Bottle and fill up with water. Give it a shake. Easy as that! The dilution rate is 1:5.

Whats this gel in the bottom of my bottle?

We use organic thickening agents to get a really good cleaning experience. These can sometimes drop out of solution depending on temperature, sunlight and how long the bottle has sat still for. No drama though princess, just give the bottle a bloody good shake and get to it.

Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser

Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser

Where should I use Peaty’s Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser?

Are you having a giraffe? It says so in the title! Get this frothing grease destroying goodness sprayed onto your chain, mech and cassette, leave for a few minutes then rinse off.

Will this remove grease from my bearings?

Peaty’s Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser is specially designed to take the oil and grease off your chain but wont as readily attack waterproof bearing grease meaning you won’t have to maintain them as much. Your welcome!

For waterproof grease eating, badass XXX degreasing action check out our XXX Solvent Degreaser Aerosol

How should I apply this stuff?

The Peaty’s Foaming Drivetrain Degreaser has a foaming cap so you can either use a direct foaming spray or open it to get a wide spray.

What sizes does this stuff come in?

500ml and 1 litre only at the moment but you don’t need much of it to do a proper job

XXX Solvent Degreaser

Whats this for then?

This is the ultimate bike specific degreaser that is designed to strip out all the grease from those bearings, bottom brackets, hubs and moving parts and leave you with a clean slate to start again with fresh grease.

Should I use it on my drivetrain?

You can do if you find yourself with a seriously stubborn build up of grease on there, but for regular drivetrain maintenance check out our foaming drivetrain degreaser.

Why is it call XXX?

Because its absolutely hardcore! Just ask your mum!

Is there anything I should consider when using this degreaser?

Avoid contact with brake pads, disks, eyes and skin also use in a well ventilated area to prevent inhalation.

Disk Cleaner

How do I use this stuff?

Spray it on your brakes and pads in a well ventilated area and leave to dry completely. Rub over with an immaculately clean microfibre cloth or blue roll if you really need to.

It's also good to use in areas you want to degrease but leave no residue behind such as when stripping out bearings, fork seals and other bits.

Why should I use this stuff?

Far from just IPA in a tin, this is a finely balanced brake cleaner made specifically for bikes.

It contains a complex blend of polar and non-polar solvents to remove both organic and inorganic soils. IPA itself, while being good as a light duty degreaser on electronic components, is a poor solvent for dissolving many oil based soils. If you get contaminants on the disk then give them a good spray over with Peaty’s Disk Brake Cleaner to improve braking performance.

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