This weekend we're running a 20/24 promo sitewide... That means you save 20% and we donate 24% of profits to a cause close to our hearts.

We’re supporting Riders Unite and Martyn Ashton who are currently raising funds to support BMX icon Stephen Murray, who was paralysed from the neck down in 2007. All funds will be going towards an all-terrain wheelchair to get Stephen back out on the trails and riding after 17 years.

Grab yourself a bargain, and make a difference.

In 2007 Stephen crashed during the finals of a major event, he was attempting a double backflip but slipped his pedal on take-off, the devastating fall broke Stephen's neck in six places. The result, a life changing spinal cord injury (SCI). The reality of that for Stephen is permanent paralysis from the neck down.

Quote from Martyn Ashton at Riders Unite:

"It’s impossible to imagine how hard life has been for Stephen over the years since his injury, I say that as someone who has also suffered a SCI (2013). I can understand to some extent the hardship, although the location of my injury is much lower down my spine, which means I have all the normal control and function over my arms. I also benefited from the fact that I had a 'Stephen Murray' to follow as an inspiration and role model, and that was significant for me - I suspect I am one of many who have benefited from the example Stephen sets when it comes to appreciating life."

Stephen has been an inspiration for hundreds of thousands around the world, now we all have a chance to do something amazing for him. We know how much all bike riders will want to see Stephen Murray back out on the trails. He has an imagination for riding that set him apart, he could now express that imagination once again. Let's unite to raise funds and make this happen!

Find out more about the cause and donate directly at the GoFundMe link below.