Revolutionise Your On Bike Tool Storage with Peaty's HoldFast Tool Wrap

Are you tired of the hassle that comes with traditional trailside tool storage solutions? Say goodbye to rattling, scratched frames, and the extra weight of a backpack on your rides. It's time to embrace the future of trailside tool storage with Peaty's HoldFast Tool Wrap.

The HoldFast Tool Wrap is not just a game-changer; it's a revolution in how you carry your essential tools while riding . Crafted from durable, waterproof material, it shields your tools from the harshest conditions Mother Nature can throw at you. Plus, its design prioritises accessibility, ensuring your tools are always within arm's reach when you need them most.

Let's explore why the Peaty's HoldFast Tool Wrap is the ultimate trailside tool storage solution:

Scratch Free

Since the strap is applied to your clean and dry frame - then the wrap is applied to the strap - there’s no need to keep removing and replacing the strap during a ride like you do with traditional straps. This prevents mud and grit getting under the strap which, with a traditional frame strap, can lead to scratches on your paint.

Ironclad Security

Thanks to the robust, rubberised HoldFast strap, this wrap grips your bike frame securely, eliminating any concerns of movement or loss, even on rough trails.

Unmatched Durability

This wrap is constructed from a rugged, waterproof material to keep your tools dry and clean, regardless of the weather or terrain.

Swift Access

Designed for quick and easy access, the HoldFast Tool Wrap ensures you can grab your tools in seconds, even during the most intense rides with the most impatient group of mates.

Stay Clean

Worried about your tools getting covered in dirt and mud? You can attach the tool wrap back onto the velcro strap while working on your bike, keeping your tools pristine.

Innertube Haven

Most wraps rely on you carrying an innertube to either grip to the frame or to hold your tools in place while riding - a design ultimately flawed when you need to use the tube mid-ride! The HoldFast Tool Wrap separates the holding of the tube and the wrap so there’s no issues if you need to use the tube mid-ride.

Hidden Treasures

Need a spot for your car key, cash, or snacks? The HoldFast Tool Wrap comes with a zippered stash pocket to store those small but crucial items.

But that's not all—let's dive into how this tool wrap outperforms traditional tool wraps and backpacks:


Say goodbye to the hassle of a backpack. The HoldFast Tool Wrap is not just more convenient to carry, but it also ensures quick and easy access to your tools.


With the HoldFast strap, your tools will stay right where you want them, securely attached to your bike.


Embrace the philosophy of riding light and fast. With limited space inside the tool wrap pouch, it encourages you to bring only the essentials, shedding unnecessary weight.

Fitting Instructions

Installing the Peaty's HoldFast Tool Wrap is a breeze:

  1. Pack your essential items into the pouch and give it a gentle squeeze to settle everything in place.
  2. Roll the wrap tightly, finding the perfect spot on your bike frame (typically underneath the top tube).
  3. Ensure the chosen area is clean and dry.
  4. Place the grippy rubber patch onto your frame, feed the strap through the buckle, and, if needed, add your innertube.
  5. Pull the strap tight and secure it with the Velcro, ensuring everything is firmly locked in place.
  6. Attach the wrap to the underside of the strap, pull it tight, and secure it.
  7. Ride!

frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the HoldFast Tool Wrap with an innertube?

A: Yes, the HoldFast Tool Wrap can flexibly incorporate an innertube - or not - by simply putting a folded innertube between the strap and your frame while first attaching the strap. This then holds the innertube firmly in place separately to the wrap so that the tube can stay attached to your bike when removing the wrap. Top tip: we recommend re-folding your innertube so it’s the same length as the tool wrap. This will reduce the height of the folded inner tube, and just look neater!

Q: What bike frame sizes is the HoldFast Tool Wrap compatible with?

A: The HoldFast Tool Wrap is compatible with most bike frames. However, it's essential to measure your frame to ensure a snug fit. If your bike frame has limited space inside the front triangle, you can place the wrap on top of the top tube, near the seat tube, to keep it out of the way while riding.

Q: How much can the HoldFast Tool Wrap hold?

A: Think of it like packing a suitcase - be selective with what you carry. A typical setup includes a multitool, tyre plugger, CO2 inflator, CO2 cartridges, tyre levers, and small items like credit cards, coins, keys, and zipties. The main pocket can support the weight of what you pack.

Q: Where can I purchase the Peaty's HoldFast Tool Wrap?

A: You can find the HoldFast Tool Wrap at local bike shops, online bike retailers,, and Amazon.

The Peaty's HoldFast Tool Wrap is the trailside tool storage solution you've been waiting for. Bid farewell to the headaches of traditional wraps, and embrace durability, convenience, and security. If you want a non-slip, non-rattling, and quick-to-use way to carry your tools on your bike, the HoldFast Tool Wrap is your perfect companion for every ride. Say goodbye to clutter and ride free with Peaty's HoldFast Tool Wrap.

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