The cotton tipped detailer

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🛠️ Features

  • Thin cylindrical shaped for hard to reach areas
  • crimped medium density bristles made from post consumer recycled material
  • unique soft cotton tip to prevent scratching
  • plastic coated wire core also helps prevent scratching
  • ideal for use on suspension linkages, pedals, seat rails, hubs and spokes
  • laser etched peaty’s logo on the handle
  • made from waxed beech wooD - ONE LESS BIT OF PLASTIC IN THE WORLD
  • Packaged using 100% natural Jute string and 100% recycled cardboard

This thin, single core cylindrical brush is the perfect small-space detailing partner to our beasty bog brush and is designed to get into those small hard-to-clean gaps like suspension linkages, pedals, fork braces, seat rails, hubs and in between spokes.

Peaty's Detail Brush

Perfect for tight hard-to-clean gaps like suspension linkgaes, seat rails, hubs and more. The stiff wire core is coated to prevent damage while the thick, super-soft cotton tip also prevents the end of the wire core from scratching paint.

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