The stepped bristle tooth cleaner

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🛠️ Features

  • Angled brush head for ergonomics
  • lower centre with stiffer bristles provides a channel for the chain to sit into
  • softer and longer outer bristles for cleaning the sides of the chain
  • chisel cut handle end to remove gunk from jockey wheels
  • laser etched peaty’s logo on the handle
  • made from waxed beech wood - ONE LESS BIT OF PLASTIC IN THE WORLD
  • Packaged using 100% natural Jute string and 100% recycled cardboard

Ever knuckle punched a cassette tooth while cleaning? It hurts! To combat bleeding knuckles, our unique angled head moves your hand away from the sharp spinning cassette while scrubbing.

Drivetrain Brush

The stiff, durable bristles of Peaty's Drivetrain Brush have a low middle channel for the chain to sit into. This creates stiffer bristles in the centre for tough scrubbing, while the chisel-cut tip helps to scrape gunk off jockey wheels.

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